it’s time to plant wildflowers

it’s time to plant wildflowers

Texas wildflower lovers should know that now is the time to plant their favorite varieties for blooms in spring, said Joseph Johnson, program manager for The Gardens at Texas A&M University.

Planting in the fall — before the start of the rainy season — will give your wildflowers time to germinate and gain a good root system before going dormant during the winter. 

Soil prep is essential 

Preparing your soil is key to gaining an array of wildflowers worth taking the family’s photo in. Ensure soil-seed contact by tilling and tamping the seeds into the soil. Water the area lightly following planting to settle the seeds into the soil. 

Don’t over-water, and don’t fertilize, he added. A little bit of care goes a long way for the state flower. 

Scatter your seeds 

Spread your seeds over your prepped soil according to the instructions of your selected seed mix, or spread them thicker for a more full meadow. 

Once your seeds are in place, take a walk around the area to compress the seeds into the ground for good germination. Don’t bury or cover them though. The seeds need good exposure to sun. 

Enjoy the blooms

Because of the fall planting, the seeds should not require too much care and watering. Blooms should begin to appear in early spring, depending on the weather, and with a good seed variety, may continue into summer. 

Source: AgriLife Today 

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