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Back in 2005 my brother Ryan and I sat on our parent couch and talked about our passions and where we wanted to head in life “when we grow up”. He wanted to run a business and I had an un-natural love of mowing grass! It used to drive my mom crazy because I would mow paths in our backyard which was full of 12″+ tall weeds and then put the mower away never actually finishing the entire yard. It was clearly a work of art and mowing all the grass would have destroyed it! Anyway, so we started our business getting most of the documents needed to become official in the governments eyes at least. And then “life” happened, Ryan got a career and I went back to college, started working for a golf course, then a garden center and then finally the best landscape company in San Antonio, Preferred Landscape & Lighting.

Long story short the owners sold Preferred in hopes the new owner would invest and grow the business to more areas of Texas but they decided to close down the business. It was a very difficult time for many of the employees because we were all passion driven people and we were like family. But a positive emerged, I tried looking for a landscape company that would measure up to the standards and had no luck anywhere in San Antonio. So my brother and I sat down again and had another conversation only this time we jumped in 100%!
 We do believe that passion is an attractant. If you have passion in your business , the right people will be attracted to your team. And that is exactly what happened, we are a passion driven company and strive to better ourselves each day through our work and relationships.
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As a volunteer for Project EverGreen’s GreenCare for Troops, Eternal Eden helps  provide free lawn care and landscape services to families of currently deployed military personnel.

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